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About Creverse

Creverse Slogan
A creator-centric metaverse service that provides the infrastructure necessary for all cycles of content production, investment, and consumption.

We connect creators, content makers, and investors.

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Metaverse for Creator
Creverse | 25 Mar
Creverse is a metaverse for creator In Creverse, anyone can become a creator or investor and share in the profitable process of content creation We call them CRESUMER
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How to work Creverse economic ecosystem
Creverse | 5 April
In Creverse, anyone can become a creator or investor and share in the profitable process of content creation.
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Let’s make NFT easily everyone
Creverse | 18 April
In Creverse, anyone can easily create and exhibit their own NFTs.
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Feel it the CREVERSE!
Creverse | 1 May
Finally, creverse’s whole concept came out That is close to a near future city
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What is personal space?
Creverse | 25 May
In creverse, everyone can has their own space for work & exhibit You can make your own space what you want
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About a classroom
Creverse | 18 April
In CREVERSE, anyone can be mentor or mentee in their field.
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You can be a superstar and make contents what you want
Creverse | 16 June
In CREVERSE, you can get a chance to be a superstar!!!
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Everybody can be professional in Creverse
Creverse | 11 Jul
In Creverse, you can use high quality creating tools
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You can be supported all things for creating
Creverse | 28 Jul
When we make a contents, there is not only making but also need operating about it
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The CREVERSE’s beta service will open this Oct!
Creverse | 24 Aug
Finally, CREVERSE’S beta service come out to the world Oct of 2022
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CREVERSE’s Beta service showcase
Creverse | 18 Oct
CREVERSE’s showcase has ended successfully.
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C-Level of Team

System Management Division

APC Production CEO
Judge of Korea Advertising Awards

Yeon Na

Technology Development Division

Smilegate development team leader of CrossFire(FPS game)

Hyung gon Son
CTO of Metaverse

Technology Development Division

Meteor startup CEO
Ph.d Computer Engineering
(a doctor´s thesis about Blockchain)

Jung won Jin
CTO of Blockchain

System Management Division

Bachelor of Financial Engineering & Business
Nationally Certified Treasury Manager

Kyung Suk Yang

Contents Investment Division

APC Production film director
Korea Advertising Award Grand prize

Chang jae Lee
CCO (Chief Creative Officer)

Lawyer in Sunyul.
Education Director of Korea bar association. Professor, KAIST.

Kim Min Gyu
CLO (Chief Law Officer)


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